1 A computer solves problems  electronically
2 A password is a mechanism for identifying the computer-user and

allowing access.

3 An  electron  pen is one example of an input device
4 I could tell from all the computation on the board that a maths lesson was progress
5 Many electronics students go on to work as engineers
6 Most computer companies will not allow people without an identity card to enter their premises.
7 Today’s computers are technologically far superior to those used a few years ago.
8 The clipboard’s pattern recognition software immediately identifies the letters and numbers written by the stylus
9 The computer is the greatest technological            invention of the twentieth century.
10 The computerization of the manufacturing division will be expensive in the short term, but cost-effective in the long term
11 There are two  technologies             involved in a clipboard PC.
12 We should be able to compute our profit for next year fairly accurately with the new program