Language focus A

– Transitional markers are words used to link ideas together so that the text is easier to read.

+ Pronounsit, they, them, I, he, she, which, who, whose, that, such, one,…

+ Demonstrative adjectives : this, that, these and those,…

+ Other wordsthe former, the latter, the first, second, etc., the last…

Language focus B

prefixes : Pre-means ‘before’. A prefix, therefore, is what comes before the stem. It changes meaning

1 Negative and positive prefixes

2 Prefixes of size

3 Prefixes of location

4 Prefixes of timeand order

5 Prefixes of numbers

6 Other prefixes

Language focus C

– prefixes : A suffix is what is attached to the end of the stem.. It changes type of word

1 Noun-forming suffixes

2 Verb-forming suffixes

3 Adverb-forming suffix

4 Adjective-forming suffixes