Định nghĩa (Definition)

1. Personal computing

1 Accumulators used to store numeric data during processing
2 address bus used to send address details between the memory and the address register
3 Clock an electronic circuit, usually a quartz crystal, that generates electronic pulses at fixed time intervals to control the timing of all operations in the processor
4 control bus a group of signal lines dedicated to the passingof control signals
5 data bus a group of signal lines used to transmit data in parallel from one element of a computer to another
6 Hardware the physical portion of a computer system
7 Icon a visual symbol used in a menu instead of natural language
8 Mainframe a big computer system used for large-scale operations
9 microchip a very small piece of silicon carrying a complex electrical circuit
10 microprocessor chip consists of an arithmetic-logic unit ALU, one or more working registers to store data being processed, and accumulators for storing the results of calculations
11 Mouse a device moved by ‘hand to indicate position on the screen
12 Operating system the set of software that controls a computer system
13 RAM used for the temporary storage of application programs and data; can be written to and read from
14 Registers groups of bistable devices used to store information in a computer system for high-speed access
15 ROM used for storing part of the operating system and application software known as ‘firmware’; can only be read; cannot be written to or altered in any way
16 Software data, programs, etc., not forming part of a computer, but used when operating it.

















2. Portable computers


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